How to get a refund for just purchased converter

If you purchased the converter and realised it is not what you need, please reply to your order confirmation email and ask for a refund. Refunds are provided within 14 days from the purchase on the following conditions:

  • If you did not activate your license, refunds are provided without questions asked. If you want us to help choose correct converter, please email and provide details which format do you have, which accounting software do you use (country, year), and ProperSoft will help select a correct converter.
  • If you did activate your license, please let ProperSoft know in details what the issue is. Why? Because with conversion software, it may become "unneeded" as soon as the file is converted.

If you have issues with the converter related to an actual converter, for example, it does not open your file, or opens it incorrectly (for example, does not show all transactions or shows more transactions than it should), please email to with details about the issue. ProperSoft will try to help you and resolve the issue, and if it is too much work for both sides, you will get your order refunded. If it is a simple issue to resolve (in the most cases it is), you will get your transactions imported, and no refund will be needed.

How to get refund past 14 days from the purchase date? Please email about the issue, and ProperSoft will try to help as much as we can.

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