How to select a file(s) to convert

When you start the ProperConvert app for the first time, it will open the file selection window automatically and say: "Please select a bank file to convert". So, it will remember the last folder you used to select the file (or multiple files) and for the first time, it will be the 'Downloads' folder.

With multiple files loaded, you can combine them into one resulting file ready to load into your accounting software.

Step 1: Start the app and navigate to a folder

When you start the app, it opens the file selection form, so, all you have to do - is select a file. . You can change the folder, navigate to a different folder if you have files in the different folders. The default folder is the Downloads folder. This is where you usually download your transaction files from online banking.

Step 2: Hold CTRL/CMD to select more files

If you like to select several files, then you would have to click one file, then hold the "Ctrl" button. On macOS, hold the "Command" button). While holding the CTRL/CMD button, click the second file, third and so on.

This is useful when you have files with similar structure. If they are for several months, you can load them together and convert in one shot.

An alternative option to select several files: draw a rectangle with your mouse. Click the left button and hold it, and then drag the mouse see the rectangle and select several files.

In most cases, you would need to convert one file, so, select the file and click 'Open'.

Step 3: Select a file(s) again with the Browse button

When you want to load another file, click the "Browse" button. This will return you to the file selection form.

Step 4: Use Paste to copy directly from a spreadsheet

There is an option to 'Paste' from Excel and other spreadsheet software. Open a spreadsheet in Excel, edit or enter the data, select the range, copy (CTRL/CMD+C). Then, switch to the converter and click "Paste" here to paste data.

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