I have the trial version. What will happen when I purchase?

I have the trial version. Upon purchase will I receive a link for download? how does it happen?

The trial version is the full version without the registration code entered. Before the registration code is purchased and entered, the trial version limits the output to 10 transactions per file.

When you purchase the license, the following will happen:

  • You will receive a registration code
  • If you already have the trial version (yes, you do as the topic of this article says), no need to download anything else
  • Copy the registration code and start the application (the trial version is already installed on your computer).
  • Select Help->Register under the main menu. If you copied the registration code earlier, the registration window should already paste it for you (if it did not paste, paste it yourself please).
  • Click the Register button to complete the registration (you should see a message that your registration code is confirmed).
  • If you purchased the license before installing the trial version, you can install it after purchasing. When you start the application for the first time, look for "I already purchased" button to enter your registration code without requesting the trial license.
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