Apps merged under the ProperConvert app

ProperSoft continuously develops new apps and features, which may require changing how we organize the functionality across the apps.

All apps are combined into a single ProperConvert app that includes functionality from all previous apps. The app has two modes:  Transactions and General Journal Entries. Once a source file is opened, select the output format tab on the right sidebar to set a specific output format mode.

Transaction apps

Original apps like OFX2CSV, QIF2CSV, QBO2CSV, and QFX2CSV were combined into the Bank2CSV app. The reason for that formats like QFX, QFX, QBO, QIF, and OFX are predefined formats (do not require a mapping) and carry similar transaction details.

Apps like CSV2QIF, CSV2QBO, CSV2OFX, CSV2QFX, and CSV2CSV required mappings for CSV/Excel files and needed additional interfaces to provide mapping functionalities.

Later PDF converting apps like PDF2OFX, PDF2QIF, PDF2QFX, PDF2CSV, and PDF2QBO added completely new functionality to extract transactions from PDF files.

Apps like CSV2QIF, PDF2QIF and Bank2QIF, or CSV2QBO, PDF2QBO and Bank2QBO were combined into Bank2QIF, Bank2QBO, etc. consolidating the "from" functionality.

Continuing working on improvements and analyzing customer feedback, all transaction apps were combined into the Transactions app which was well received by our new customers and long-time users as well.

Finally, the Transactions app evolved into the ProperConvert app. There is a tutorial for the transactions mode.

General Journal Entries apps

Converting to QBJ (Quickbooks general journal entries files) is completely different from the transaction apps discussed above. How data is presented in a CSV/Excel file and transformed is completely different from a transactions CSV file. That was the reason for the initial app separation.

Based on our customer feedback, the app was extended with the ability to create IIF files and CSV2QBJ was evolved into the General Journal Entries app.

Finally, the General Journal Entries app evolved into the ProperConvert app. There is a tutorial for the general journal entries mode.

The ProperConvert app

The app combines many years of work and experience. Our main goal was to keep similar functionality together, with small and frequent updates benefiting all users with a single update.

A potential overcomplication of the interface was a deterrent factor from combining multiple "from" and "to" formats into a single app. However, the evolving integrated interface allows us to expand the app with new features.

The app has the main switch for two main modes: Transactions and General Journal Entries.

Download the ProperConvert app at

Active licenses for merged apps

Any active licenses that were previously purchased should work fine under the ProperConvert app version 5. We will not force you to purchase a new license to use the same functionality you purchased under the ProperConvert app version 5. We will offer you a discounted upgrade to fully unlock the current version of the ProperConvert app.

Please send a request if you need help with using your existing license with the ProperConvert app

Retrieve your existing license on the customer page.

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